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        Show Overview
        Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair
        Date2021.9.3 - 6
        VenueNational Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai, Hongqiao)
        Address333 Songze Avenue Road, Shanghai, PR China
        Unveiling a New Woodworking Normalcy
        • Joining hands with the organizer of China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) to organize "Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair", this strategic cooperation will tie up both upstream and downstream of the furniture manufacturing chain, launching a new era of quality-oriented and intelligent manufacturing.
        • Digitalization and Innovation drive the post-pandemic era. WMF provides an information exchange platform and advocates the industry to grasp the new demand of domestic market, promote intelligent development and application of the industry.
        • Launched in 1986, WMF is a must-visit event for woodworking machinery, furniture and wood products manufactures for latest industry information.
        • The show will introduce new sections, such as basic wood processing machinery, panel production equipment, etc. Exhibits profile will range from timber to furniture products as well as pollution treatment turnkey projects.
        • With CNFMA (China Forestry Machinery Association) as one of the organizers, WMF is the only woodworking machinery fair in China supported by EUMABOIS (European Federation of Woodworking machinery Manufacturers).
        • "National Symposium on the Development of Wood-based Panels Industry", "Tech Talk – Surface Treatment Technology" and "China Wood Industry Park and Port Industry Development Conference" themed forums held in conjunction with WMF2020 have received wide acclaim. WMF2021 concurrent events will continue to keep you abreast of market trends.
        Organizing Committee

        China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.

        China National Forestry Machinery Association

        Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

        China Foreign Trade Macalline Exhibition Co., Ltd.


        Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association

        Foshan Shunde Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Association

        Exclusive Supporter


        Scope of Exhibits
        Full Access to Cutting-edge Furniture, Building Materials and Wood Products Production Technology
        • Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production
        • Machine Components and Automation Technology
        • Surface Treatment Technology
        • Wood-based Panel Production
        • Wood Primary Processing, Sawmill Technology, Energy from Wood
        • Wooden Architecture Technology
        • Forestry Technology
        • Green Production & Safety Control
        • Wood Products Packaging
        • Raw materials & Accessories for Wood Production
        • Knives, Blades, Machinery Accessories and Hand Tools
        • Engraving Machinery
        • Upholstery Machinery & CAD/CAM Technology
        Contact Us Venue & Floor Plan

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